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OneDataSource is a software company that helps businesses operate more effectively and efficiently.

onePAY software fully automates Accounts Payable processing for enterprises burdened with the manual management of thousands of invoices and suppliers

oneVIEW business intelligence software transforms complex point-of-sale data into actionable insights and customizable reports.

Our Focus

The OneDataSource team is a talented, dedicated group focused on ensuring the success of our customers using our software. We build value-based, long term relationships with customers and companies, striving to make business more productive and life more rewarding.

OneDataSource works with several of the world’s most recognizable brands, delivering powerful business intelligence and automation solutions.


OneDataSource is a collection of powerful, intuitive, web-based Software as a Service. Our systems automatically collect data from your sources and load it into our secure and robust data warehouse. We built our systems on industry-standard open technologies and platforms, allowing us to maintain the highest level of scalability and reliability. Our SaaS deployment model means there is no license or software to install, you benefit from the added value of improved features derived from community feedback, and you only pay for the Platforms you need.

oneVIEW – Business Intelligence

Our Expertise: Delivering SaaS Business Intelligence/Business Process Automation solutions. Serving operational, accounting, data warehousing, HR, and marketing analysis needs of organizations across North America. Solving the technology puzzle for mid-sized and large enterprises. We guide our clients from the world of spreadsheets and manual data entry to fully automated data acquisition, warehousing, processing and analysis.

Operational Reporting

  • 360º reports and dashboards customized to support operations, accounting, HR, and marketing.
  • Real-Time Insight: Employee level exception based reports highlighting effectiveness and individual performances. Improving compliance and Loss Prevention efforts
  • Instant Automation: Take ‘data entry’ out of any job description with automation of general ledger and payroll processing.
  • Integrate with Third Party Data Sources: Provide your team One Data Source for all needs, including Video Surveillance, Bank Deposit Reconciliation, and Voice of the Customer.
  • Client Support: Unparalleled responsiveness. Consider it done!
  • Simple, flat fee, monthly pricing.
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onePAY – Automated Accounts Payable Workflows

Few back-office processes are as inefficient and redundant as accounts payable (AP). Automating the AP process is challenging, but if executed correctly, it becomes an impactful means of:

  • Reducing overhead and human capital costs
  • Improve Visibility, Accuracy, and Efficiency
  • Improving expense visibility and cash flow
  • Expanding capacity and scale

True AP automation requires solving for the most time-consuming and labor-intensive portion of the process. onePAY’s tailored Business Rules Engine, Mach 1, accurately maps invoice details to the appropriate account, then auto-approves or automatically routes invoices for approval to the right person

onePAY leverages world class OCR technology, combined with a highly customizable and intuitive Business Rules Automation Engine; MACH 1.

The patent-pending, onePAY Mach 1 Engine accomplishes just this level of automation and modernization of an age-old, costly workflow. Simple, flat fee, monthly pricing.

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